May 28, 2024

Meet our team: Grace Pawlenko

Beginning with this blog, we’ll be profiling members of our Bridge Business Credit team.

Grace Pawlenko, Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Management, has an extensive and diverse background in relationship management with a focus on asset-based lending.

Before taking on her current role, Grace successfully contributed to the company as portfolio manager, underwriter, and credit analyst. Prior to joining Bridge Business Credit in 2012 she gained valuable experience in both small and large banks expanding her expertise in the lending environment.

Grace graduated with distinction from the highly accredited Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Troy, where she earned a Master of Science in Finance degree. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in finance.

We recently met with Grace to learn more about her career influences, and her approach to helping Bridge Business Credit clients.

“I was 14 years old when I started my first job as a babysitter for two young children,” she recalls. “This experience provided a foundation for learning responsibility and accountability. It required me to be dependable and attentive as I was entrusted with the safety of my neighbor’s children. It allowed me to develop time management skills – balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activity with my job required planning and prioritizing.”

For Grace that early job was a significant milestone in her adolescence as it introduced her to financial literacy, understanding the value of money and the effort to earn it.

“It shaped my work ethics and the importance of hard work,” she adds.

What led Grace to decide to pursue a career in banking-finance?

“My interest in finance was motivated by a desire to help others achieve financial success,” she replies. “Throughout my young adulthood, I witnessed people and companies in my community struggling with managing their financial resources. I realized that a career in finance would allow me to assist others in achieving their financial goals.

“In addition, I was fascinated by the dynamic nature of the finance industry, making a career in this field stimulating and challenging. Staying informed about the economy and financial markets has been an important part of my profession.”

Grace ’s longtime association with Bridge Business Credit has been professionally and personally rewarding.

“Bridge offers a stimulating work environment where opportunities for professional development and career advancement are available and encouraged,” she says. “Bridge has created an exceptional work culture – a positive and supportive environment with a sense of belonging. I have strong relationships with my colleagues and clients which contributes to my job satisfaction.”

Every client has specific needs and objectives. Here’s Grace’s approach to working with Bridge clients.

“My approach to client service and business relationships is centered around understanding each client’s unique situation, focusing on proactive communication, responsiveness, flexibility and continuous improvement.

“Ultimately, my goal is to help clients achieve their objectives and satisfaction. I strive to build positive relationships with clients and contribute to their success.”

Outside of work, Grace enjoys spending quality time with her family and her three adult children. “I also enjoy taking my dog for walks,” she adds, “which I find relaxing while staying active.”