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Bridge Business Credit was originally established as Great Lakes Business Credit in 2002. It became Bridge Business Credit in January 2023. The change reflects Bridge’s vision to expands its service area and assist businesses throughout the Eastern United States. Bridge’s dedicated team of experienced financial professionals serves companies with potential that are unable to obtain bank financing.

By working to understand our clients’ business, Bridge structures flexible financing with asset-based lines of credit. Constructing financial packages that meet the immediate needs of that business, Bridge helps companies regain financial stability so they can return to conventional financing as soon as possible.

We have already provided more than $500 million in asset-based lending solutions, helping companies grow.

Bridge offers one of the widest and most accessible arrays of alternative finance resources in the industry. We have already provided more than $500 million in asset-based lending solutions, helping companies grow.

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Meet Our Executives

Rhett B. Rowe

Chief Executive Officer, Troy, MI

Phone: 248.509.1852

Rhett Rowe is a dynamic and inspirational CEO with over 30 years of experience in driving success through strategic planning and execution. Rhett is highly focused and results-driven, with a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams and deliver exceptional outcomes for customers and stakeholders. He is active in the Turnaround Management Association, the Secured Finance Network, and the Risk Management Association. Rhett entered commercial banking after earning his degree in economics at the University of Michigan and soon after completed his MBA in finance at the University of Detroit.

James Campbell

Chief CREDIT Officer, Troy, MI

Phone: 248.509.1889

James Campbell has 30 years of experience in commercial lending both as an Asset Based Lender and a Commercial Banker. He began his career at NBD Bank and held commercial lending positions at Comerica, GMAC Commercial Finance, JPMorgan Chase, Level One Bank, and others. His experience includes middle-market and small business lending, credit & underwriting, portfolio management, operations management, field exam, commercial loan legal documentation, loan workout, and risk management. He is an attorney and has been a member of the Michigan Bar since 2011. He has held key management roles in setting up operations, establishing procedures & policy, and training employees for two commercial finance companies and a bank ABL department. James was a contributing member of the leadership team that started Great Lakes Business Credit.

Keith Lidtke

Chief FINANCIAL Officer, Troy, MI

Phone: 248.509.1902

Keith Lidtke is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with over three decades of experience in the banking industry, complemented by an earlier nine-year tenure in public accounting. A proud alumnus of Michigan Tech University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, Keith has contributed significantly to the financial health and strategic growth of institutions like Crestmark Bank, Michigan National Bank, and Citizen State Bank. Outside of professional circles, Keith is dedicated to mentoring emerging finance professionals and actively participates in community-based initiatives.

Grace Pawlenko


Phone: 248.509.1886

Grace Pawlenko has an extensive and diverse background in relationship management with a focus on asset-based lending. Before taking on her current role as Senior Managing Director, Portfolio, Grace successfully contributedto the company as portfolio manager, underwriter, and credit analyst. Prior to joining Bridge Business Credit in 2012, she gained valuable experience in both small and large banks expanding her expertise in the lending environment. Grace graduated with distinction from the highly accredited Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Troy, Michigan where she earned a Master of Science in Finance degree. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in finance. Grace’s professional journey is a demonstration of her expertise, dedication, and continuous growth in the finance field. Her comprehensive background positions her as a valuable asset to Bridge Business Credit.

Business Development Team

Greg Nelson

Regional Managing Director

Midwest Region


Jeff Stirling

Regional Managing Director

Southeast & Mid Atlantic Region

Phone 716.860.0448

Terry Bowersox

Senior Business Development Officer

West Michigan Region


Suzanne Robinson

Regional Managing Director

Southwest & Central Region


Operations Team

Thomas Fisher

CPA, Controller

Steve Sleder

Managing Director, Portfolio

Managing Director,

Allie Corp

Managing Director, Portfolio

Robert Gard

Managing Director, Field Exam

Managing Director,
Field Exam

Bryce Guitar

Director, Field Exam

Miguel Ochoa

Director, Field Exam

Dana Wheaton

Director, Underwriting

Director, Collateral

Maryam Soliman

Director, Collateral Monitoring

Director, Collateral

Lidia Saulitis

Director, Administration


Elric Molina

Director, Collateral Monitoring

Mitchell Homant

Director, Field Exam

Samantha Campbell

Collateral Analyst

Taylor Dierking


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Jan 30, 2023

Great Lakes Business Credit is now Bridge Business Credit

Great Lakes Business Credit, one of the nation’s fastest-growing alternative commercial finance companies, has announced a rebranding, with the new name of Bridge Business Credit. Under its new name…


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